SportsVenting is a social media app focused on fans being able to "VENT" about the teams they love and hate. The founders of SportsVenting have successfully launched the app on the Google Play Store with plans to launch on the App Store.

Once a profile is created (through manual entry or logging in through Facebook or Twitter), the user will choose the teams they love and hate. They will also have the ability to create general vents across the entire sports spectrum, in addition to venting about sport specific topics spanning the four major professional leagues (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL) and Division 1 college football and basketball. Vents can also be shared on Facebook and Twitter.

Users can create groups to vent their frustrations about anything, including players, referees, broadcasters and fans of other teams. The app allows for "venting" videos, photos and check-ins from sporting events. SportsVenting has an easy to use share feature so users can pass along signup information through a number of platforms (email, text messaging, Facebook and Twitter).

So go ahead and "Blow Off Some Steam About Your Team"